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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
32799 A Procession of Yachts Philip Wilson Steer A Procession of Yachts mk81 1892-3
27978 A Summer's Evening Philip Wilson Steer A Summer's Evening 1888 Oil on canvas 146 x 228.6cm(57 3/4 x 90 1/2 in) Private collection (mk63)
27968 Children Paddling Walberswick Philip Wilson Steer Children Paddling Walberswick 1894 oil on canvas 64.2 x 92.4 cm (25 1/4 x 36 3/8 in) Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge (mk63)
37918 Dover Harbour Philip Wilson Steer Dover Harbour mk129 1918 Steer was celebrated for his use of vibrant colour but this painting of Dover,the casle and the white cliffs is essentially a drab sepia image.
54440 Girls Running Philip Wilson Steer Girls Running mk235 c.1890-1894 Oil on canvas 69.2x92.7cm
56339 poole harbor Philip Wilson Steer poole harbor mk247 1890,oil on canvas,18x24 in,45.5x62 cm,leeds city art gallery,uk
68049 stranden vid walberswick Philip Wilson Steer stranden vid walberswick se
54443 Sumer at Cowes Philip Wilson Steer Sumer at Cowes mk235 1888 Oil on canvas
32803 The Beach at Walberswick Philip Wilson Steer The Beach at Walberswick mk81 c.1889
11831 Young Woman on the Beach Philip Wilson Steer Young Woman on the Beach ca 1886 4' 1 1/2'' x 3'(125.5 x 91.5 cm)Gift of Paul Rosenberg,1927
54439 Young woman on the Beach Philip Wilson Steer Young woman on the Beach mk235 c.1886-1888 Oil on canvas 125.5x91.5cm

Philip Wilson Steer
English Painter, 1860-1942 was an English artist. Philip Wilson Steer was born in Birkenhead, the son of the portrait painter Philip Steer (1810-1871). After finding the examinations of the Civil Service too demanding, he became an artist in 1878. He studied at the Gloucester School of Art and then from 1880 to 1881 at the South Kensington Drawing Schools. He was rejected by the Royal Academy of Art and so studied in Paris between 1882 and 1884. He studied at the Acad??mie Julian, and then in the École des Beaux Arts under Cabanel. There he became one of the few English Impressionists. He is known for his landscapes, such as 'The Beach at Walberswick' (1890; Tate Gallery, London). He became a leader (with Walter Sickert) of the English Impressionist movement and was one of the founders of the New English Art Club in 1886. During the First World War, he was recruited by Lord Beaverbrook, the Minister of Information, to paint pictures of the Royal Navy.
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