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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
66031 A child wearing blue overalls Edouard Vuillard A child wearing blue overalls mk288 1912 linen canvas 160 x 150cm
65911 A meal Edouard Vuillard A meal mk288 1891 board painting 34 x 49.5 cm Private Collection, London
66082 A single card game Edouard Vuillard A single card game Mk288 1921 63 x 43cm cardboard pigments Montreal art institutions
65929 Actress Edouard Vuillard Actress mk288 1894 Oil Painting 28 x 20.3 cm cardboard collection to unknown
66121 actress Edouard Vuillard actress Mk288 1927 100x80cm linen painting collection to unknown
66115 Adb pool portrait Edouard Vuillard Adb pool portrait Mk288 1926 89 x 116cm Private linen canvas
54208 After the Meal Edouard Vuillard After the Meal mk235 c.1890-1898 Oil on card
20778 After the Meal (san03) Edouard Vuillard After the Meal (san03) c.1900 Oil on board, 11"x1' 2 1/4" (28x36cm)
66118 Amy doctors Edouard Vuillard Amy doctors Mk288 1926 48x65cm paper pigments private Tibet
51854 Annette in the Bedroom Edouard Vuillard Annette in the Bedroom mk221 1903 Oil on paper 61x66.7cm France 1868-1940
66048 Annette room in the Vial Edouard Vuillard Annette room in the Vial mk288 1916 Oil Painting 56 x 72cm cardboard private possession
65966 Annette soup Edouard Vuillard Annette soup Mk288 1900 x 61.8 35.2 canvas cardboard cm
66007 Arthur Fong special table Edouard Vuillard Arthur Fong special table mk288 1906 Oil Painting 82 x 60cm cardboard Baliaose Museum
65935 At night Edouard Vuillard At night mk288 48 x 65 cm private possession
65908 Bamboo basket with a self-portrait mirror Edouard Vuillard Bamboo basket with a self-portrait mirror mk288 1890 46 x 54 cm private possession of the United States
66132 Before the fireplace Edouard Vuillard Before the fireplace Mk288 1927 51 x 56cm paper pigments to collect
66073 BiSiKe baal Edouard Vuillard BiSiKe baal Mk288 1919 93 x 75cm linen glue
66078 Black in the room Edouard Vuillard Black in the room Mk288 1920 54 x 52cm cardboard painting
66101 Black tea cups Edouard Vuillard Black tea cups Mk288 1925 140 x 175cm painting art organization collection linen in London
53937 Blomvas on the mantelpiece Edouard Vuillard Blomvas on the mantelpiece mk234 ca 1900 36x30cm
66067 Bobby verkhoyansk portrait Edouard Vuillard Bobby verkhoyansk portrait Mk288 1919 color chalk 42 x 30cm
66035 Breakfast Edouard Vuillard Breakfast mk288 1913 glue linen painting 184 x 109cm private collection
66140 Breakfast Edouard Vuillard Breakfast Mk288 1930 board paintings 75 x 100cm at present private Tibet
93264 Breakfast Edouard Vuillard Breakfast 1894(1894) Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 26.9 x 22.9 cm (10.6 x 9 in) cjr
66023 Chair of the models Edouard Vuillard Chair of the models mk288 1910 75.5 x 54cm cardboard collection unknown painting
66167 Charles portrait Edouard Vuillard Charles portrait Mk288 painting collections in 1937 linen 89x116cm
65998 chat Edouard Vuillard chat Mk288 1904 board paintings 63 x 62cm private Tibet
11779 Claude Bernheim de Villers Edouard Vuillard Claude Bernheim de Villers ca 1906(Salon d'automne,1906) Oil on paper,2' 2 3/4'' x 3' 2 1/4''(68 x 97 cm)Gift of Mr.and Mrs.Gaston Bernheim de Villers,1951
11785 Countess Jean de polignac Edouard Vuillard Countess Jean de polignac 1932 3' 9 3/4'' x 2' 11 1/4''(116 x 89.5 cm)Bequest of Countess Jean de Polignac,1958
66106 David will Edouard Vuillard David will Mk288 1925 91 x 82cm linen canvas private Tibet
29280 Detail of In a Room Edouard Vuillard Detail of In a Room mk65 Details
66077 Di tested pu lady and her son Edouard Vuillard Di tested pu lady and her son Mk288 1919 92 x 73cm linen glue
66075 Do the chairs in the earthen augustine Edouard Vuillard Do the chairs in the earthen augustine Mk288 1919 130 x 95cm linen glue painting collection
11778 Dr.Georges Viau in His Office Treating Annette Roussel Edouard Vuillard Dr.Georges Viau in His Office Treating Annette Roussel 1914 3' 6 1/4'' x 4' 6 1/4''(107.5 x 138 cm)
65979 Draughts game Edouard Vuillard Draughts game Mk288 x 58cm 1902 cardboard canvas 68 Frankfurt museum
66014 Dress the models Edouard Vuillard Dress the models mk288 1909 glue linen private collection of painting 79.5 x 59.5cm
66175 Edward s home Edouard Vuillard Edward s home Mk288 1939 paper pigments private Tibet 48x63.5cm
65949 Embroidery Edouard Vuillard Embroidery mk288 1895 linen canvas 177.7 x 65.6cm Contemporary Museum in New York
1492 Enfant avec Echarpe Rouge Edouard Vuillard Enfant avec Echarpe Rouge   
65956 Family Lunch Edouard Vuillard Family Lunch mk288 1899 Oil Painting 58 x 91cm cardboard private possession
11735 Felix Vallotton Edouard Vuillard Felix Vallotton 1900 2' 1'' x 1' 7 1/2''(63 x 49.5 cm)Bequest of Carle Dreyfus,1977
88601 First Steps Edouard Vuillard First Steps late 1890s Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 51.8 x 36.5 cm cjr
66099 Flower of Annette Edouard Vuillard Flower of Annette Mk288 1924 cardboard painting 66 x 63cm
66147 Genoa wall of a boudoir Edouard Vuillard Genoa wall of a boudoir Mk288 1931 linen canvas private Tibet 88 x 79.5cm
66004 Gold chair Edouard Vuillard Gold chair mk288 1906 cardboard painting 67.9 x 66.6cm
65922 Green columns Edouard Vuillard Green columns mk288 1893 Oil on canvas painting 45.1 x 37.5 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection
65912 Has a floral pattern for clothing Edouard Vuillard Has a floral pattern for clothing mk288 1891 38 x 46 cm Museum of Brazil
66152 Heng oakes curled madam Edouard Vuillard Heng oakes curled madam Mk288 1935. 89x94cm private linen canvas
66178 Henry  Greg Edouard Vuillard Henry Greg Mk288 1939 linen. 62x50cm painting glue private
66080 Henry AiKeSi dimension Edouard Vuillard Henry AiKeSi dimension Mk288 1920 54.5 x 50cm linen canvas Paris orsay museum collection
66109 Henry auguste lady Edouard Vuillard Henry auguste lady Mk288 1926 100 x 81cm Private linen canvas
66006 Henry Martin Boulevard Edouard Vuillard Henry Martin Boulevard mk288 1905 Oil Painting 57 x 72.5cm board private collection
66010 Her dog Edouard Vuillard Her dog mk288 1907 Oil Painting 109 x 88cm cardboard Melbourne Victoria State Museum
66097 Housewife Edouard Vuillard Housewife Mk288 1922 43.5 x 29.8cm board paintings
66020 Howe Chancellor and her dog Edouard Vuillard Howe Chancellor and her dog mk288 1910 Oil 73.6 x 86.4cm board Bristol City Art Gallery
29279 In a Room Edouard Vuillard In a Room mk65 1893 Oil on cardboard,glued to panel 20 1/2x31'
40844 In a room Edouard Vuillard In a room mk156 1899 Oil on cardboard 52x79cm
11776 In Bed Edouard Vuillard In Bed 2' 4 3/4'' x 3'(73 x 92.5 cm)Bequest of the artist,1941
65964 In front of the fireplace vuillard mother Edouard Vuillard In front of the fireplace vuillard mother Mk288 1899-1900 board paintings 295,000 x 23.5 cm in st. Petersburg magnificence museum
66083 In small studio Edouard Vuillard In small studio Mk288 1921 97.5 x 79.5cm linen painting private Tibet
65963 In tapestry Edouard Vuillard In tapestry Mk288 1899 board painting average 49.5 x 52.7 cm
65987 In the armchair naked female Edouard Vuillard In the armchair naked female Mk288 1900 x 54cm American painting 47 cardboard private Tibet
65952 In the coffee shop Edouard Vuillard In the coffee shop mk288 1898 Watercolor on paper 20.3 x 13.9 cm Museum of Fine Arts in Paris
56360 in the garden Edouard Vuillard in the garden mk247 1894 to 95,oil on canvas,20x32.5 in,51x83 cm,pushkin museum of fine arts,moscow,russia
41562 In the Library Edouard Vuillard In the Library mk164 1925
66096 In the mirror of herself Edouard Vuillard In the mirror of herself Mk288 1924 81 x 67cm cardboard. Oil painting private
66032 In the office Edouard Vuillard In the office mk288 1912 Oil Painting 97 x 74.5 cm board in Washington State Museum
65983 Indoor rocking chair Edouard Vuillard Indoor rocking chair Mk288 1902 painting 68.5 x 55cm cardboard French private Tibet
65937 Inspection Edouard Vuillard Inspection mk288 1895 canvas board 29.7 x 27.8 cm Paris, private possession of
33220 Interior with pink wallpaper II Edouard Vuillard Interior with pink wallpaper II mk85
33218 Interior with pink wallpaper III Edouard Vuillard Interior with pink wallpaper III mk85
11784 Jeanne Lanvin Edouard Vuillard Jeanne Lanvin ca 1935 4' 1'' x 4' 5 3/4''(124.5 x 136.5 cm)Bequest of Countess Jean de Polignac,1958
66114 Jia s funny Edouard Vuillard Jia s funny Mk288 1926 49.5 x 65.5cm paper pigments private Tibet
66123 Jolie's portrait Wells Edouard Vuillard Jolie's portrait Wells Mk288 1927 paper 65x48cm pink. Private
66070 KaiPuFu Mrs Edouard Vuillard KaiPuFu Mrs Mk288 1918 129 x 95cm linen glue painting private Tibet
66016 Kara arm lift Edouard Vuillard Kara arm lift mk288 1909 toner on paper 27 x 20cm private collection
66029 Kids lunch Edouard Vuillard Kids lunch mk288 1911 linen canvas 81 x 102cm private possession
66011 Kimono Ma Seer Edouard Vuillard Kimono Ma Seer mk288 1907 Oil Painting 52 x 54.5cm board
65910 Kiss Edouard Vuillard Kiss mk288 23 x 16.5 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art
68091 kokerskan Edouard Vuillard kokerskan 1899 se
72961 L'Aiguillee Edouard Vuillard L'Aiguillee "L'Aiguillee (The Thread)," by the French artist Edouard Vuillard, oil on canvas. 21 in. x 18 in. Yale University Art Gallery, collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mellon, B.A. 1929. Courtesy of Yale University, New Haven, Conn. cjr
65948 Ladies wear T shirt Edouard Vuillard Ladies wear T shirt mk288 1895 linen canvas 65.7 x 58.7 cm Washington, National Museum
65920 Lady is being scrubbed of Vial Edouard Vuillard Lady is being scrubbed of Vial mk288 1892 cardboard canvas 29 x 20 cm National Gallery of Art
66039 Lakefront Lady Edouard Vuillard Lakefront Lady mk288 1904 painted plastic linen 105 x 112.5cm
65917 Lamp Edouard Vuillard Lamp mk288 1892 Oil on canvas painting 37.5 x 45.5 cm Paris museum
66153 Lance exam countess Edouard Vuillard Lance exam countess Mk288 1934. 88x81cm private linen canvas
66150 LanWei portrait Edouard Vuillard LanWei portrait Mk288 1933 linen canvas Paris orsay museum collection 124.5x136.5cm
53936 Lasarinnan Edouard Vuillard Lasarinnan mk234 1896 213x155cm
65974 Lay Edouard Vuillard Lay mk288 1901 Oil Painting 59 x 62cm cardboard Israel Museum in Jerusalem
1487 Le Dejeuner a Villeneuve-sur-Yonne Edouard Vuillard Le Dejeuner a Villeneuve-sur-Yonne 1902 National Gallery, London
1488 Le Dejeuner a Villeneuve-sur-Yonne-o Edouard Vuillard Le Dejeuner a Villeneuve-sur-Yonne-o 1902 National Gallery, London
31137 Les Enfants au jardin Edouard Vuillard Les Enfants au jardin mk71 1929 Bois H.1.67 L.1.64 Musee d'Art de d'Industrie Andre Diligent,,de Roubaix
66122 Li the lady and her children Edouard Vuillard Li the lady and her children Mk288 painting collections in 1927 linen 125x116cm
66028 Library Edouard Vuillard Library mk288 1911 glue linen painting 400 x 300cm Baliaosai Museum
66108 Lipper phil portrait Edouard Vuillard Lipper phil portrait Mk288 1926. 116 x 88cm Private linen canvas
66165 Louis Edouard Vuillard Louis Mk288 88x81cm painting collection in 1936 linen
66095 Lucy black Basel Edouard Vuillard Lucy black Basel Mk288 1924 90 x 63cm linen painting private Tibet
66038 Lucy Pauline Edouard Vuillard Lucy Pauline mk288 1904 linen 85.5 x 94cm plastic art museum in Cologne
66046 Lucy Pauline Viardot family in Edouard Vuillard Lucy Pauline Viardot family in mk288 1916 38.5 x 31cm cardboard glue painting collection is unknown
66041 Lucy Pauline's smile Edouard Vuillard Lucy Pauline's smile mk288 1915 glue linen painting 130 x 101 cm private possession

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Edouard Vuillard
1868-1940 French Edouard Vuillard Galleries Jean-Edouard Vuillard, the son of a retired captain, spent his youth at Cuiseaux (Saone-et-Loire); in 1878 his family moved to Paris in modest circumstances. After his father\'s death, in 1884, Vuillard received a scholarship to continue his education. In the Lycee Condorcet Vuillard met Ker Xavier Roussel (also a future painter and Vuillard\'s future brother in law), Maurice Denis, musician Pierre Hermant, writer Pierre Veber and Lugne-Poe. On Roussel\'s advice he refused a military career and entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where he met Pierre Bonnard. In 1885, Vuillard left the Lycee Condorcet and joined his closest friend Roussel at the studio of painter Diogene Maillart. There, Roussel and Vuillard received the rudiments of artistic training.
Edouard Vuillard
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